Eliminate The Liability Of Dropped Trailers With LocJaw
Avoid the consequences of a dropped trailer by ordering LocJaw today!

The LocJaw semi fifth wheel safety device is a powerful device that eliminates the incidents of dropped trailers.

Option A. Install LocJaw on your existing fifth wheel.

  1. Remove your fifth wheel
  2. Ship your fifth wheel to: 22153 County Road 142 Goshen IN 46526
  3. Specify what model you want. Air or manual model safety device
  4. LocJaw will be fabricated to your exact fifth wheel specifications
  5. We will ship your fifth wheel, with LocJaw install, back to you

We Offer 2 Options When Purchasing LocJaw

Option B. Order a new fifth wheel with LocJaw installed

  1. Specify what brand of new fifth wheel you would like
  2. Specify what safety device model you want, Air or manual 
  3. We will ship you the new fifth wheel with LocJaw install